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Earn Great Returns On Your Investment

Safe Investment

Secured By Lien & Protected By Law

Short Term Limits

& Predictable Income

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Our Guide To Helping You Earn Higher Returns Investing With PackHouse Properties

  • What is Private Lending?

  • How is my money protected and secured

  • I'm interested in investing, how can I qualify if I do not have the money in a checking or savings account

  • How do I qualify to become a private lender

Barry & Debra


" Prior to investing with PackHouse Properties, I  retired from active real estate duty and my husband from the police department.  We had no idea that we could allocate our retirement income into real estate projects in this manner. We lost thousands in the stock market during the crash so it was great finding a way to invest that could provide a strong level of security for our money.  'Thank You' so much for teaching us a method to effectively generate income during our retirement years!  We can't wait for the next project! "

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